More great teachers, more accessible to a
larger number of learners, to multiply outcomes

Augmentiv is all about facilitating positive learning augmentation by making more great teachers, more accessible to a larger number of learners, by reducing the friction in the system, as well as, by improving outcomes in a digital-first world of the future.
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Solving for the modern learners' Dilemma

Schools today are by design meant to provide education en masse. On the learner’s end, this is a limitation, making them ultimately suffer in the long run.

Depending on their background and available resources, most learners suffer to a varying degree from:

Limited Personalisation: Lack of response to individual needs, irrespective of attempts at classroom differentiation.     

Snail Speed Adaptation: Slow curriculum evolution by study boards compared to real world needs.

Time Constraints: Limitations on school time to deliver learning despite the stretched-out school day.

Unrelenting Competition: Hyper competitive learning environment and standardised testing, only growing in intensity.

Shifting Priorities: Changes in academic priorities by state educational bodies, either unrealistically paced, or done in isolation of the real-world needs.

Genesis of our Why?

As founders, we have together spent nearly three decades in the academia, from teaching, curriculum planning, subject and school leadership, to operations, management, and growth of a large school group.

We have experienced, observed, and led improvements in learning systems, and yet, we believe the most significant changes to how children learn are yet to come with the lasting adoption of digital tools.

We believe the classroom will continue to change in shape and form, as it slowly has over the years.

However, the school at the K-12 stage, overall, will broadly remain in the same form for times to come, given its nature as a safe, managed (learning) space for children. In fact, the case for school as a learning institution has been more than amply made during Covid-19, ironically, by the very absence of it.

The solutions to the modern day learners' dilemma must be found elsewhere.

What are we doing about it?

Augmentiv is therefore, all about facilitating positive learning augmentation, to pluck away or fill the gaps caused by a standardised global education system, adding to the baseline knowledge of learners, in the easiest, most accessible way, online.

It builds on our desire to see holistic education and future readiness for all learners in a fast-evolving world.

The most impactful way to get there is to have:

More great teachers, more accessible to a larger number of learners, by reducing the friction of making themselves available, as well as, by improving their economic outcomes from the time invested in teaching.

This has led us to create the Number 1 platform for online tutoring in the digital first world of the future, giving teachers a first purpose-built, flexible and powerful operating system for tutoring.

How are we approaching the solution?

In our effort to solve for the broader problems we see, we are going to the atomic unit that makes the difference: the educators i.e. teachers, tutors, mentors, experts, and coaches.

Augmentiv is designed to empower educators with a platform and tools that takes the hassle out of tutoring so they can focus on their learners, maximise their impact, and accomplish more through services and content developed by them and personalised to each of their learners.

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