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Tutor lessons in Small Groups

Small groups, defined as 2-5 students, are known to make a strong impact while being cost-effective for parents at the same time.  

Small group interventions are typically mostly used in Primary/ Elementary years, although their effectiveness for Secondary students is also widely known.  

The greatest impact is seen when group learning is conducted frequently over a week and sustained over at least a 10-week period.

Recent studies from Education Endowment Fund have found evidence that small group tuition i.e. a trained teacher teaching 2-5 students, has an average impact of four months’ additional progress over the course of a year, making it even more compelling due to its cost-effective nature.

Tutor lessons in Large Groups

Large groups, typically defined as 8 or more students, are best suited for lecture-style rapid revision and high-intensity exam prep courses. These are most suited for students at the same level of attainment and similar learning needs.

With large groups sessions, trained teachers can extend their impact on a larger scale while offering a pricing accessible to a wider segment of learners.

Maximum size: 50 students

Facilitate Self-Organised Groups

Augmentiv allows students to bring their own groups from among their classmates and friends who study together and want to ace together.  

Offer group discounts to the students opting for self-organised groups using the in-built discounts system and multiply the ROI on your time.  

Self-organised groups come with the added feature that lets students organise lesson payments amongst themselves (individually, or together) with no hassle to you. Lessons are only confirmed once all students have paid within a 24-hour payment window. 

Maximum size: 5 students 

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Offer Structured Group Courses

Design and offer structured lessons and invite your students to register and join pre-programmed courses with defined learning outcomes and objectives.  

Set your own session-by-session calendar and rate card for the course. Choose whether to offer a discount on the system-based automatic course pricing and balance the return on your time to the size of the cohort. 

Let Augmentiv do the course setup automatically for all your students. Share a single course link with students  via Whatsapp, email, or social media app to book and secure their place in your structured course right away.

Students pay online to confirm their place and join straight from their Dashboard with one-click, session after session, until the course is finished. 

Make convenience go all around. 

Maximum size: 50 students

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Make it more accessible with Group Discounts

Group discounts is an in-built tool in the platform that gives you the power to adjust your hourly rates depending on the number of group size booking lessons with you. 

For self-organised groups, students can avail group discounts as well as bulk booking discounts applied automatically in the system, while simultaneously, multiplying the ROI on your time. 

Encourage more of your students to bring their friends along, not just for greater group motivation, but also for better pricing.

Communicate seamlessly with Notifications and Messaging

Timely and efficient communication is crucial to a professional teacher’s repertoire.

Use the in-built group messaging and notifications tools to eliminate multiple, individual communications with your student groups or manage various Whatsapp groups that are eventually a nightmare to follow up and keep a track of. 

Manage the unexpected with easy Rescheduling

When unexpected events come in the way, use the readily available rescheduling tools to change your session timing and let the system relay communication to all affected students.  

In self-organised groups, the group leader can schedule new time based on the group’s availability and a matching opening in your Universal Calendar.

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self-organised group size
50-1 max
structured group size
4 months
small group progress

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