Deliver high dosage tutoring to accelerate learning

Structure high-frequency, high-intensity programs for students looking to exponentially improve their learning gains as well as those aiming to cover major learning gaps.
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Deliver High Dosage Tutoring

High Impact or High Dosage Tutoring is proven to produce large learning gains through rigorous research conducted globally. 

High Dosage Tutoring is typically defined as tutoring delivered 3-5 times a week over a term or longer, with each session lasting 30-60 minutes. 

High frequency, small group size, regular progress monitoring, and learner environment all reinforce the learning impact. Specifically, the consistency and relationship between the tutor and learner play a vital role in achieving strong outcomes.

Leverage from the Proven Effectiveness

Researchers from Brown University and University of Virginia have looked at evidence producing anywhere from 3 to 15 months of learning gains across grade levels. 

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Deliver Customised Structured Offerings

High dosage tutoring is typically targeting a certain pre-set program with regular frequency and duration.

Plan and offer a structured 1:1 or group course to your students with pre-defined session calendar including number of sessions, lesson dates and time to go with a specific study program.  

You can also exclusively offer your newly created structured courses to your existing group of individual learners.

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