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with no links to share, ever

Get instantly in control of your teaching through a learner-focused Digital Classroom with link-free, one-click lesson access. Use of learning enhancement tools with HD quality video lesson, interactive digital whiteboard, screen share, polls, gamification merits and admin controls to deliver a lesson experience at par with your high-quality tutoring skills.
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Experience ease with
Direct Lesson Access

Eliminate the need to send recurring call links and set up new sessions every time you have a student interaction.

Experience link-free, one-click access to all your lessons straight from your dashboard, whether teaching one student, or 100.

Ditto for your students, no lost or missing emailed links, ever again.

Deliver clarity with HD Quality Video

Get access to HD quality audio-video that is fully integrated within the platform so you or your students never have to step away from their study priorities.

Connected over a AES_128 bits encrypted line, the session privacy is always assured.

Make revisions easier with Lesson Recordings

Give your students the freedom to recap and revise key concepts on their own time.

The auto lesson recordings allow your students to go back into your past sessions and recall concepts you taught them in previous lessons.

Lesson recordings are available by default for each session. Student can access them from their dashboard for 1 month post-session and the access can be extended if they opt for it.

Take your time with custom Lesson Duration

Get complete control over your time by presetting lesson duration (1 hour, 2 hours or more) as part of the booked and billed time to maximise your productivity.

No 40 minutes group lesson limits and loss of precious teaching momentum. In fact, use flexible time extension features to add extra few minutes at your discretion to complete any closing discussions.

Effortlessly rely on the in-built cutoff timer to never be pressured by circumstances, lose sight of your broader calendar or be late for the next session.

Explain better with the Interactive Whiteboard

Get the real classroom feel by integrating visuals whenever you need them. Doodle across your slides to make a point, draw a perfect sketch while teaching an art lesson, or breakdown complex math concepts in a live annotated session.

Use the in-built interactive digital whiteboard to build your own explainers as you interact and respond to the learning pace of your students.

Enhance context with

Share ready-made notes, presentations, and slide decks, or even a digital textbook directly from your computer screen, a webpage, or any other online learning resources you use to enhance the learning context.

Motivate better with Student Merits

Be the master of motivation by smartly using student merits to create healthy competition between a group of learners. Alternately, set and reward attainment objectives in a 1-1 setting with student merits available to assign in the session.

Bring focus and discipline with Tutor Admin Controls

Use custom controls to lock/unlock mic, camera, chat or other features straight from the lesson window to run a well-disciplined and focused group session.

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