Go for specific study plans with more structure

Set up structured lessons and invite your students to register and join courses with pre-programmed dates and session times, defined learning outcomes and lesson objectives.
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Deliver Structured Courses

Going by specific lesson objectives or study plan? 

Plan and offer a structured course to your students (individually, or in groups) with a pre-defined session calendar highlighting the total number of sessions, lesson dates, and time, to go with a specific study program.

Set up distinct pricing for each structured course and offer a discount on top of your typical hourly rate to encourage sign ups.

Share your course with one-click share through Whatsapp or email for private audiences, or share on your favourite social media app to spread the word publicly.

Structured Courses Setup

Set up program parameters including dates, times, session length, the maximum number of student registrations allowed, type of cohort offering, and learning objectives by session.  

You can have distinct pricing for each structured course. Let the system auto-calculate course prices based on your subject rates and number of sessions on offer. Layer on top a global discount or promo code-based discounts as you like to encourage sign-ups.  

Each new course becomes available in your course repository for access within your personal Dashboard.

Structured Courses Registration

Students can access and book structured courses in two ways: 

First, using access link to your Webspace where your structured courses are listed under offerings. 

Second, through a direct link to the course that you can generate and share from your course setup dashboard.  

Share course links on your social media or let your students spread the word for you in their study groups through email, social media, or Whatsapp to bring more sign ups. 

Students can sign up to your course before the start of the first session or until the size of the cohort is filled.

Pair learning resources with your Structured Courses

Pair any number of resources, worksheets, pre-study notes, videos etc. with your structured course program by giving access to specific resources in your Resource Library.

Setup promocode based offers (20%-100%) for different cohorts to let students use resources covered within a specific structured course program.

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