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Deliver hassle-free Revision Courses

For high school students writing high-stakes external exams such as O and A Levels, AP or IB Diploma programs, content revision for each subject is crucial to success. 

Revision courses take many forms. Some of the most popular ones span 3 months with rolling calendars as early as 6 months ahead of the exams. 

Revision courses, usually delivered in small to medium-sized group lessons, allow students to resolve doubts and conceptual weaknesses well ahead of the exam season.

Deliver long revision courses on Augmentiv with ease and with the greatest impact.

Structure Intensive Review Sessions

Intensive reviews are a high-frequency courses e.g. daily 3-5 hours, week-long reviews delivered to a larger audience of students, covering difficult or high probability exam concepts, past papers and review notes.  

In times of stress, save yourself and your students the hassle to piece together 40-minute group sessions, lack of video recordings, disjointed resources, or unwieldy and awkward payment reminders.

Set up and deliver Intensive Review Courses using the large group class features on Augmentiv and bring the focus back on learning and exam success.

Structure Mock Exam Sessions

Set up focused sessions to work through past papers, turnaround areas of weakness into strength, and let students walk into their exams with confidence.

Pair revisions with your Study Notes

Provide your students with study notes and exam guides, video explainers and more, through your Resource Library. Equip them to prepare in their own time, independently, or in conjunction with revision courses you offer. 

Sell your study notes and guides to a wide section of students with ease using the in-built e-commerce platform at Augmentiv.

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