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1-1 tutoring has shown to as much as double the learning outcomes compared to that in a typical classroom.
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Offer 1-1 Tutoring

One-to-one lessons are perhaps the most effective way at improving students’ learning outcomes, especially for those with low prior attainment or who are struggling in particular areas.


Multiply your Impact

Benjamin S. Bloom, from the University of Chicago, first defined the extent of impact from tutoring in his research famously known as “The 2 Sigma Problem”.

The study established that individual tutoring raised student's performance relative to a baseline class by two standard deviations i.e. the learning outcomes doubled compared to a typical classroom based baseline.

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Supercharge Learners' Progress

One recent study by Education Endowment Fund UK have found evidence of nearly 5 months’ worth of additional academic progress over a school year using tutoring.

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Make it all possible by Maximising Your Time

The time commitment it takes to deliver 1-1 tuition can make it cumbersome for teachers and prohibitively expensive for parents.  

Whether it is a Math, Science, Art, or another subject lesson, Augmentiv maximises your productivity with a suite of tutoring tools that remove barriers for teachers like you in delivering 1-1 lessons to the greatest number of leaners.  

Optimise your time with the nifty Universal Calendar and in-built scheduling tools to let parents and students efficiently book sessions.

Gain leverage with
Optimised Pricing

Get full autonomy to set your hourly rate by subjects and remove the hassle of back-and-forth negotiations.

Encourage students and parents to book more by adding discounts codes to your sessions and course offerings.  Distribute the codes individually offline at your discretion, or take advantage of the in-built bulk booking discounts option for students who book and pay for 10 or more sessions.
1-1 tutoring
5 months
2x impact
on learning outcomes

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