Go beyond classroom with mentoring and other learner support offerings

Good mentors are critical to the success of learners growing in a fast-evolving world where traditional sources of knowledge, such as parents and grandparents, are becoming obsolete and replaced by the onslaught of new media. Help learners by shaping their character with mentoring and support offerings.
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Offer Learning Skills Programs

Most students suffer in this area as schools assign a single guidance counsellor with limited ability to guide students equally in the range of disciplines beyond their own expertise. 

Step in as the expert with the your in-depth subject and industry knowledge to help students take the right steps towards a successful future. 

Add Guidance and Counselling as an offering on your Webspace to and let students and parents engage and buy the services from you from far and wide.

Offer Social & Life Skills Programs

Learning how to learn is seldom covered by teachers at school. Similarly, learning how to live is rarely ever taught in schools. 

If you have the ability to motivate young minds beyond subject knowledge, then help them excel in life with custom life skills courses through your Webspace and develop a powerful side practice to your mainstream teaching with an ability to target and market to your existing students body.

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