Greater focus means better results

Students getting tutored with Augmentiv spend less time on distractions and more on what moves their learning outcomes.
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Studying with Augmentiv gets you access to: 

1. Digital Classroom
2. One-Click Connect
3. Lesson Recordings
4. Lesson Reminders
5. Easy Rescheduling
6. Online Payments
7. Teacher Resources 

…all in one place! 

Expect a learning experience 100x better than common meeting tools your teachers use today for your online sessions.
1-1 tutoring
5 months
2x impact
on learning outcomes

How to Study with Augmentiv

It’s easy, ask your teacher to switch to Augmentiv and experience learning like never before.

self-organised group size
50-1 max
structured group size
4 months
small group progress

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