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If you have a knack for how your subject of expertise interacts with industry and future career choices of learners, help shape their choices as they move through formative years of learning.
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Offer Career Guidance Programs

Most students suffer in this area as schools assign a single guidance counsellor with limited ability to guide students equally in the range of disciplines beyond their own expertise. 

Step in as the expert with the your in-depth subject and industry knowledge to help students take the right steps towards a successful future. 

Add Guidance and Counselling as an offering on your Webspace to and let students and parents engage and buy the services from you from far and wide.

Offer Admissions Counselling

Students face a similar conundrum with guidance on university admissions given the limited purview of a singular admissions counsellor at school. 

In the age of specialisation, admissions counsellors are focused on their subjects, degree programs, universities, and sometimes geographies.  

Maximise your impact and help students achieve their tertiary education potential with specialised guidance related to your field of study, country of university, and discipline. 

Extend the services to support personal statements, application readiness, interview preparation, or even the guidance with settling down in a new city.

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