Max flexibility for learners, on your own terms

Give learners the flexibility to manage their schedule with access to your availability calendar and the option to readily book lessons at times matching their preferred time.
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Offer lessons, virtually, On-Demand

Once you set up your rate card and availability calendar, you can allow a virtually on-demand access to book any number of sessions with you as per your availability and your student’s preference. 

The perceived ability to be on-demand is a powerful motivator for students to keep returning to you for more lessons as needed. 

Bypass artificial barriers to access with simple and powerful tools available on Augmentiv.

Manage emergencies with easy Rescheduling

Avail the freedom to reschedule a booked session in case of emergency and let Augmentiv automatically notify the student(s) to  re-book at a time of their convenience.

Make it happen with Augmentiv using these features and more

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