Target learning intervention, where it is needed the most

Targeted intervention is based on careful diagnostic assessment data, and is applicable to all levels of learners, from primary, middle, and secondary school, to those transitioning to college.
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Deliver Targeted Intervention Programs

With an average of 25-30 student-to-teacher ratio, schools are not able to differentiate learning to the specific needs of each student despite their best efforts.

The result is that students at both ends of the spectrum i.e. gifted students as well as those struggling within a specific subject, tend to suffer. 

Support a variety of learning needs with targeted intervention through 1-1 learning tools of Augmentiv. Build small groups of similar ability students to manage specific needs where you see greater impact.

Make a difference with Remedial Learning

When a student fails to academically thrive in his grade level due to an illness, travel, general delay, or simply because of compromised acquisition of foundational concepts, remedial learning becomes essential.

Provide remedial learning using 1-1 in-built learning tools at Augmentiv. Supplement with student feedback tools, auto lesson recordings for revisions, learning resources from your library and much more.

Conduct Free Trial Lessons for needs assessment

Use the in-built Free Trial Lesson option to let your students take a diagnostics session and determine their need of targeted intervention before committing to a long-term remedial program.  

Develop a student specific tutoring calendar on the basis of the diagnostic session and create a customised solution for the your students to sign up using your Augmentiv Webspace.

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