Remove the endless back and forth in booking lessons

Scheduling lessons and courses is a breeze with Augmentiv. Share your Webspace link directly with your students and parents to let them book your time based on your availability. Create pre-structured courses with specified time and duration and share with your students to book 1-1 or in groups.
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Offer a near
On-Demand Experience

Let your freedom translate into your students' by giving them visibility of open slots on your calendar.

Share your Webspace and allow students to directly book what suits them, whether one session or multiple, 1-1 or together with their friends, to offer the nearest on-demand live study experience to your learners.

Manage time using Structured Courses

Whenever you set up structured sessions and courses on Augmentiv, share them with parents and students to book with just one click via email, text, or WhatsApp.

Everyone receives immediate notifications of confirmation once the booking process is complete.

Experience autonomy with Rescheduling

Life happens to us all. Use the in-built rescheduling tools to make session changes directly from your Dashboard.

Your students are automatically notified of the change and have the ability to reschedule session at the new time of their preference available on your calendar.

Be everywhere as Globally Local

Tutor seamlessly in different countries and time zones with all the information shown displayed to all users in their time and currency.

Never get caught with sessions at off hours because you or your student got the time zones wrong.

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