Imagine more than a business card, your own Webspace

Think of your professional profile and your personalised online store merged in one place. Your Webspace is the best way to share your tutoring experience and offerings with your student network. Talk about your unique teaching style using the embedded video biography feature. Post your lesson and course offerings, rates and charges as well as your availability calendar on your bespoke Webspace. Upload and stock up the resource library to enrich your learners' tutoring experience.
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Make an impression with Your Biography

Curate the information with your personalised introduction, teaching style, and tutoring methods in a descriptive text biography. Enhance the first impression by uploading a powerful video biography for students and parents to gain confidence in their choice.

Clearly lay out Your Subject Offerings

Set up your lessons and courses into a clear menu of offerings. From hourly lessons organised by subjects and levels to on-demand and structured courses, let your students make the right selection.

Eliminate the haggle with Your Rate Card

Shy of bargaining rates with parents?

Set up clear pricing information to remove needless negotiations on your offerings rate card. Retain the flexibility to make exceptions through discretionary discount codes (see below).

Tailor your pricing with Discounts & Promos

Use the platform flexibility to offer a free trial lesson, bulk booking discounts, and group study discounts that encourage your students to bring friends to learn in self-created groups.

Setup promotional discount codes (promo codes) to share with student(s) to give discounted rates at your discretion.

Optimise pricing for Global Markets

Maximize your pricing power and cumulative earnings by tutoring internationally. Take advantage of differentiated pricing for each market and increase your take home income exponentially.  

Our in-built average global price indicator will show market averages in your selected countries when you setup your rates (we highly recommend conducting independent research).

Experience pain-free collections with Secure Online Payments

Make use of our top-tier global payments solution for collections from virtually anywhere when your students book a lesson or a course, or buy resources.

For more information on payments, click here.

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