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Supplement your teaching by offering project support in your subject matter of expertise for to students taking on academic projects in a variety of fields.
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Support with Planning and Researh

Most learners are new to project-based work in their middle- and high-school years.

Whether it is a school-based project, an inter-school or regional competition, or purely a passion pursuit, help direct learners plan their endeavours, and assist in exploration and research into the key elements, eventually leading to the success of the project and lifelong learning from it.

Guide Creativity and Critical Thinking

Creativity and critical thinking skills begin to develop at an early age.  Mentors who encourage their learners into asking critical questions find it easy to devise creative solutions and think through a range of competing outcomes.

Be the beacon encouraging creativity in learners at an early age.

Help with Structuring and Writing Support

Help your learners structure their output, whether it is a research report, a video or any other new media output. Encourage and support writing as means for clarity as well as communication, and encourage the appropriate research and citation methodologies.

Help with Technical Support

Support your learners' work with technical support ranging from the selection of the right output media, finding materials and suppliers for models and other real-life projects, and more.

Offer your services as paid products on your Webspace and let parents and students seek you out for professional support.

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