Never miss a beat with on-point, clear communication for all your tutoring in one place

Communicate with your students in real-time with hundred percent clarity and zero ambiguity. Make use of the suite of communication tools, from the messenger to in-session chat, as well as automated notifications to reach and teach without ever missing a beat.
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One place for all comms. with Messenger

Stay on top of student needs using the in-built messenger available in your private Dashboard.

Organise conversations by students or sessions and communicate before or after lessons for maximum impact.

Send group posts by session without worrying about the need of putting together multiple WhatsApp groups or email lists.

Live discussions with In-Session Chat

Let your students instantly communicate with you with ease and without interrupting a live session by posting questions on the live chat available while a session is in progress.

Encourage critical thinking in group sessions with learners empowered to challenge the group with their ideas and concepts in a focused, distraction-free manner.

Helpful prompts with System Notifications

Keep an eye on important updates through the notifications panel available on your private Dashboard.

Change preferences on the information shown by using customisation options available in your profile.

Session reminders with Email Notifications

Get important notifications such as an upcoming lesson prompt, new booking confirmation, or sale of resources directly in your email inbox of choice.

Change preferences on the information to be emailed by using customisation options available in your profile.

Important prompts with Text Notifications

Subscribe to the optional text messaging service (sms) and receive critical prompts such as upcoming lesson, or a student message straight to your phone so you could respond in time.

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