Help with new skills, hobbies, and enrichment for a holistic learning experience

Holistic learning goes well beyond the classroom and academic pursuits. Help your students acquire new skills, develop creative interests and hobbies, and dive into lifestyle-supporting pursuits.
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Offer Structured ECA Programs

Extracurricular Activities (ECA) or co-curricular activities support a child and young adult in inculcating new habits, developing hobbies, exploring interests, and pursuing fields that outside of curriculum-based education, but essential to scaffold learning and the overall well-being of young learners. 

From art programs to cooking lessons, playing guitar or chess, public speaking, drama, and literature, the sky is not the limit when it comes to ECA programs.  

Develop and offer unique programs that speak to your personal passions as well as expertise and offer them during a term or during holidays to build on the bond your learners have built with you.

Offer unique Enrichment Programs

Although closely aligned with ECAs, enrichment, however, is a more structured way of delivery, including teaching towards specific learning outcomes, in-depth study, longer time commitment, and assessment through quizzes or tests etc.  

Enrichment programs are best suited for applied knowledge, languages, or advanced topical acquisition, typically building upon a core body of existing knowledge and stretching both imagination and content coverage. 

On Augmentiv, develop and offer enrichment courses to your existing as well as new learners through structured course offerings. Market, sell and deliver your enrichment courses online to a wide variety of audience.

Structure as Individual or Group Lessons

ECAs and enrichment programs can be run individually as 1-1 or in small- to medium-groups.

Use the in-built tools at Augmentiv to structure your programs and deliver with ease, all through the year but, particularly, during the spring, summer, and winter holidays.

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