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Great tutors use several tools to create learning impact.  

Go beyond your live lessons and offer supplementary tools such as study notes, concept crackers, solved past papers, problem sets, video concept crackers or explainer slides through your personalised online repository.  

Everything you upload to the repository is stored with view-only access to minimise unauthorised distribution.

Sell resources through the Online Store

Your Resource Library is your online store to engage students with better content while monetising your knowledge and skills base.  

All resources are automatically placed behind a paywall so you can sell resources independently to your tutoring engagements. Or make them part of a course packages using promo codes with discounts (set anywhere from partial to 100% discount). 

Everything you upload to the repository is stored with view-only access to minimise unauthorised distribution.

Intuitive e-commerce tools and Online Payments

Expect the best e-commerce tools with a secure, global payment gateway built into the Resource Library to enable sale and purchase from virtually anywhere. 

Discount and promotions can be customised for each item in the library to manage your distribution strategy. 

The search and sort options, organisation by curriculum and study levels, and an editable highlights section as your showcase, all add to the versatility of your offerings and personal style.

Confidently operate Globally Local

Set up your Resource Library in your own local currency. Sell seamlessly in different countries without worrying about pricing conversions. Make buying decision easy with local currency displayed to buyers in their own markets.

The system refreshes global currencies every 24 hours to get the pricing conversion right across our globally connected markets.

Stay authentic with
Ratings and Popularity

Students feedback (star rating) and number of downloads for each resource add a layer of social proofing and credibility to your content.

Get more purchases when you or your buyers share your Webspace or Resource Library link with any new students.

Be forever mindful of Privacy, Plagiarism, and Copyrights

Resource Library is designed for teachers and other educators to upload their content created and owned by them.

All content must adhere to the Privacy Policy and must be original to you. Selling plagiarised or copyrighted content can expose you to legal liabilities.

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