Deliver regular homework support to never let your students fall behind

One of the easiest ways to keep learning in check is through a disciplined daily homework support program. Establish individual or group study session for students to keep their learning on course.
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Deliver Homework Support Programs

Busy parents require additional help to instill academic discipline in their children on a day-to-day basis outside of school.  

This not only helps keep concepts fresh, and school assigned school-assigned homework delivered on time, but also inculcates a sense of discipline, particularly in primary and middle school learners.

Set up Regular Schedules with ease

Let parents schedule and book your calendar to gain learning support, homework help, motivation, and guidance on a regular, ongoing basis.

Offer the in-built, automatic, bulk-booking discounts available on Augmentiv to your regular students to keep bringing them back to you.

Retain the flexibility to cancel and/or reschedule individual sessions,  update all parties immediately via automated system notifications,  and stay on top of communication with your learners.

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